Infantile eczema, also known as cradle cap sometimes occurs in babies under one year old. Usually it is seen on the scalp and can spread fast. Baby eczema looks like dry, red and/or inflamed skin, and they have a tendency to scratch their skin. There is no cure for baby eczema but there are many effective treatments to control the symptoms. The key is to keep the skin moist using Baby Eczema Creams. Two main reasons for a flare up could be the washing powder or pets in the house. In many cases the cause is unknown. It is possible the diet causing food allergies. Children with eczema scratch themselves during the night and can wake up many times. If they are scratched too much, they would need to be washed and more cream should be applied. Most brand named treatments for baby eczema are fragrance free and paraben free formula. 95% of children with eczema grow out of it by the time they are 11 years old.